To Sir, with Love (1967) Filming Locations

Location #1: School

Now gone, it once stood roughly at 7B Johnson Street, London, England, United States

One thought on “To Sir, with Love (1967) Filming Locations

  1. christopher bond

    So the photo is of Victoria Barracks in the town of Windsor. Two exterior locations were used for the school, the first location as we see Sidney Poitier walk along the street and enter the gate to the school at the beginning of the movie is at 7b Johnson Street and that building is still there and has been converted into apartments, but the main location for the school is shown in the photo here , that is actually The Victoria Barracks in the town of Windsor just outside London, very close to Pinewood studios where all the interior scenes were shot, so that building has indeed been demolished, all the main school yard scenes were filmed there. Hope this helps.


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