True Romance (1993) Filming Locations

Location #11: Exteriors


Selma Avenue (near the intersection at Hollywood Boulevard), Los Angeles, California, United States

Note from the Webmaster: A massive building erected in recent years now blocks the view of the Hollywood Taft Building.

Location #12: Beverly Ambassador


That entrance is at 551 South Hill Avenue, Pasadena, California, United States

* Special thanks to Ken Moffatt!

9 thoughts on “True Romance (1993) Filming Locations

  1. Jonathan

    Hi there! I wanted to ask if you ever found the exact location of Drexl’s house. I’ve been on this never-ending search for it on Google Earth and still no luck. Hope we can find it soon! Thanks!

    1. Alexandre L., Webmaster Post author

      Hi, Jonathan!

      To be honest, I’ve spent many HOURS trying to find it, but I couldn’t.

      1. Jonathan

        So did I yesterday. I looked all over the area around the abandoned parking lot but no luck. However, I did find a building that looks very similar to the one next to Drexl’s house, not the one right next to it but after it. It has this distinctive chimney going upwards. Do you know what building is the one that’s in the background? So the one behind the one with the chimney, seems to have a satellite on it. Thanks again!

        1. Alexandre L., Webmaster Post author

          Are you referring to the building near 2nd Ave & Henry St? It does look similar, but you can tell it isn’t the same building because: 1. The chimney doesn’t look like it’s standing at the right place. 2. The buildings you can see in the background are clearly downtown Detroit, so it wouldn’t make sense, geographically speaking.

          My best guess for the building with the antenna would be the Cadillac Tower.

          1. Alexandre L., Webmaster Post author

            Wow, looking at older satellite imagery, it does make a lot of sense! Interestingly, the address in the film might have been the exact same in real-life.

            Thank you!

    2. Charles M Switzer

      Drexl’s house was most likely a set in Los Angeles. Very little filming was done in Detroit and it includes the shot where Alabama and Clarence get married, Clifford’s (Dennis Hopper) trailer and all the shots there, and many exterior shots including Drexl’s house.

  2. Simon Jamieson

    Hi Gang 🙂 I read all your comments about what you are looking for exact address Drexl’s 🙂 I too would be very glad to see where he lived: P haha I have been seeing many homes films in California … and I can tell you that often in movies … they playing tricks lol places seems close and indeed they are in many cities !! In the movies, they pretend that everything is pocket lol scam !!

    PS: The best way to know where is the exact house Drexl’s location … is ask a Drexl’s … haha should send an email to actor Gary Oldman: P The question remains whether a he saw ent reminder that the film was in 1993 (23 years 🙁

  3. Jeff

    443 Montcalm as written on the piece of paper and on the address of Drexels house was an actual house I drove by on many occasions to go to work in Detroit. It is now part of the backend( North end)
    of Ford Field Detroit.


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