U Turn (1997) Filming Locations

Location #11: Church

At North Pinal Avenue & North San Pedro Street, Superior, Arizona, United States

7 thoughts on “U Turn (1997) Filming Locations

  1. M KELLY

    This is such a cool and accurate site I found myself on this hours. Really want to go to Superior one day (U Turn) Great job guys!!!!!!!

  2. Ron Fleischer

    Location #3 – The old Magma Hotel has been restored and is open for business. It also has a restaurant included. I live in Superior, AZ, so let me know if you would like any current photos of anything here.

  3. Marlene Muse

    I went to Superior AZ last weekend. Fun. They don’t mention the coffee shop that was in a few scenes ..with the waitress Flo. It was closed at the time(3 pm) but when we looked in they opened up and let us in to see. Fun!

  4. Jack

    Went here during COVID. Rio Tinto mining operations have made the road to Daryl’s Garage (Harlands) not possible to see. McKenna;s office has now been remodeled and is for sale. Looks nice. The other locations are either not open or rundown a bit. No pay telephone or Coca Cola machine. The local towns folks still look rough as you would expect.

  5. Wanda Haza

    I know exactly where Superior is and The Boyce Thompson Arboretum where Jake’s house was. It’s really cool to walk through the Arboretum and see that house. It’s right after you go through Superior.


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