Vacation (1983) Filming Locations

Location #6: Dangerous streets of St. Louis

vacation06A vacation06B

This is a studio backlot / movie set

Location #7: The motel

vacation08A vacation08B

1510 East Colorado Street, Glendale, California, United States

Note from the Webmaster: The motel from the movie is now gone.

Location #8: Dodge City, Kansas

vacation09A vacation09B

This is a studio backlot / movie set

Location #9: Cousin Eddie’s house

vacation10A vacation10B

58909 Apple Road, Boone, Colorado, United States

Location #10: Picnic

vacation11A vacation11B

Shaw Creek Rest Area, South Fork, Colorado, United States

2 thoughts on “Vacation (1983) Filming Locations

  1. Vic Sotelo

    I worked at the dealership where Clark purchased the wagon as a mechanic for 12 years I REMEMBER IT TOOK ALL DAY TO SHOOT THAT SCENE. If you look in the back ground inside the service entrance i was working on that black Dodge step side pick up. It needed a distributor rebuild. The filming crew fed us that day. Catered lunch.


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