Vanishing Point (1971) Filming Locations

Location #1: Opening / Ending sequence

vanishingpoint01A vanishingpoint01B

Crescent to Cisco East Road, Cisco, Utah, United States

Location #2: Ethel’s Cafe

vanishingpoint02A vanishingpoint02B

Further on Crescent to Cisco East Road, Cisco, Utah, United States

Location #3: Argo’s Car Delivery


At 2900 Inca Street, Denver, Colorado, United States

Location #4: Super Soul getting in town


At Columbia Avenue & Ramsey Street, Goldfield, Nevada, United States

Location #5: Radio KOW


69-79 Columbia Avenue, Goldfield, Nevada, United States

4 thoughts on “Vanishing Point (1971) Filming Locations

  1. Shane Bennett

    Brilliant movie,iconic and cult classic of the 70s.Sarafian made the best car chase movie ever,and the best part is it’s old school,out of the 9 cars that Chrysler gave Sarafian,1 survived and to quote Richard…(we burned up 8 of em)…..I can watch this movie again and again,listening to that 440 magnum is pure music,specially when Kowalski floors it along the Utah plains…in fact it’s full speed ahead from beginning to end..thanking Richard,and the cast and crew of Vanishing point..

    1. Mark Smith

      I agree. There is a concrete slab just north of the Carver Tavern. You can see the Tavern signs in the movie, from the gas station scene.

  2. David Caruthers

    Sarafian was not remembering correctly. I have an old interview with both Carey Loftin and Barry Newman. Both confirmed thete were 5 cars. Four 440 four speed cars and one 383 automatic on the column. All were destroyed after the production.


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