Wayne’s World (1992) Filming Locations

Location #6: Scatchell’s Beef Stand


4700 West Cermak Road, Cicero, Illinois, United States

Location #7: Chicago Joe’s


2256 West Irving Park Road, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Location #8: White Castle


1219 North Lake Street, Aurora, Illinois, United States

Note from the Webmaster: It has been torn down and re-built from scratch since the time of filming, so that’s why it looks slightly different.

Location #9: Cassell’s Music

waynesworld09A waynesworld09B

901 North Maclay Avenue, San Fernando, California, United States

Location #10: Stan Mikita’s Donuts


1220 North La Brea Avenue, Inglewood, California, United States

5 thoughts on “Wayne’s World (1992) Filming Locations

    1. Steven R

      They filmed a scene in Coneheads in Cerritos too, I believe it was at the mall because you can see the Cerritos Auto Square sign across the way.


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