Weird Science (1985) Filming Locations

Location #1: The Kandy Bar



Do you know where this scene was filmed? If you do, please email me at Full credit will be given to you. Thank you.

Note from the Webmaster: Everything indicates that the Kandy Bar wasn’t real (not under this name anyway). However, the business next to the bar, Harold’s Chicken Shack is a real food chain in the Chicago area, so it’s hard to tell if this is a real street or not.

Location #2: Outside the mall

weirdscience02A weirdscience02B

At 2171 Northbrook Court, Northbrook, Illinois, United States

Location #3: Gary’s house


1200 Linden Avenue, Highland Park, Illinois, United States

Location #4: Wyatt’s house


280 Cedar Avenue, Highland Park, Illinois, United States

Note from the Webmaster: The house from the movie is now gone.

Location #5: Wyatt is caught speeding


At Saint Johns Avenue & Mulberry Place, Highland Park, Illinois, United States

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