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Toronto, ON

I haven’t posted anything new for over a month. Like I mentioned in my previous post, the whole content on this site has to be up to date, and unfortunately, this site is a one-man team. Locations from over 350 films are featured, and as you would suspect, this is very time-consuming, which is why I have been focusing solely on this lately. The good news are that at least half the job is done.

Still took the time to share a few locations from David Cronenberg’s 1986 remake of The Fly. Look it up!


I have just found out that many of the Google Street View links on this site are broken. I initially thought it was a browser issue, but it wasn’t. I’m working on correcting the situation. Sorry for the inconvenience!

A Small Universe

Most of the time, when fantasy movies are set in fictional cities or towns, movie producers make it real simple and use studio backlots for the whole shot. Tim Burton didn’t quite follow the trend when he filmed Edward Scissorhands in 1990, he used a small area of Lutz in Florida as a backdrop.

Although the mansion wasn’t real, the production had many houses in the neighborhood painted to blend in with the film atmosphere. Visit them now!

Just a Walk in my Old Neighborhood

Yesterday was a day off. I had to do some errands in the borough where I grew up in, the Plateau-Mont-Royal area of Montreal that is. Now, unlike for some people who live in Manhattan or Los Angeles, having Hollywood shoot a film with A-List names in my hometown is rather unusual.

The Score was filmed here during the summer of 2000. Back then I was still a ten-year old attending elementary school. Walking along Avenue du Mont-Royal, I couldn’t resist the urge to drop by Rue de la Roche to pull out my phone and snap a picture of the location we see very early in the movie: Nick’s workshop.

As seen in the film:


And the same place, as of September 1st, 2015:


Hope you like it!

Ryan Gosling in Ontario, As Seen in Lars and the Real Girl

The small house where Lars live, right next to his brother’s is located on


Whitevale Road in the small community of Whitevale in Pickering, Ontario, Canada

The church, where the siblings and the small community meet up, is at

larsandtherealgirl02A larsandtherealgirl02B

1532 Queen Street East in Caledon, Ontario, Canada

Later in the movie, they can be seen crossing a bridge located


On Wellington County Road 21, Elora, Ontario, Canada

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