I Confess (1953) Filming Locations

Location #16: House where Ruth lives

Grande Allee Est (near the corner at Rue des Parlementaires), Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Location #17: Father Logan crossing the street

In front of Gare du Palais, 450 Rue de la Gare du Palais, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Location #18: The movie theater

Rue Saint-Jean (between Rue des Glacis and Cote de L’Escarpe), Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Location #19: Police Station

2 Rue des Jardins, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

3 thoughts on “I Confess (1953) Filming Locations

  1. Patrick Rouleau

    I am a guide on the Double Deck Bus in Québec City. This past week I talked with a tourist who had taken my tour of the city. At the end of the tour he mentioned that I could talk about the film I Confess during my description of the history of the City of Québec. When I was doing walking tours some years ago I had more time to include this portion of the Hitchcock movie with Montgomery Cliff. Being curious ,I took time to visit this site which is so well documented on the different locations of the 1952 movie. I would have liked to note the tourist’s name and get his E.Mail address to exchange more. So , if by any chance this gentleman reads this comment ….I would like him to communicate with me….also to thank him very much for his suggestion which was very pertinent. A good day to you.

  2. Marielle Price

    I just returned from a visit to Quebec City with my French students from Connecticut. It was extra special as I am a native of Quebec City. Upon our return, my chaperone colleague told me that Quebec was the location of the “I confess” movie. I could not wait to watch it to mentally return to the enchanting sites of my beautiful birthplace. Merci!


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