Junction City Prison.. as seen in “Brubaker”

Junction City served as a backdrop for Robert Redford’s 1980 film Brubaker. The fictional¬†Wakefield State Penitentiary was in reality known as the Junction City Prison. The correctional center had closed two years before filming began, in 1977.

Unfortunately, it has been torn down since. The structure lasted a century before being demolished sometime in 2005. It stood on South Adock Road, as seen on the map.

2 thoughts on “Junction City Prison.. as seen in “Brubaker”

  1. Bones Kelley-McCoy

    It’s scary to know that this whole thing was inspired by a true story…….and the ex-warden and director of the film wrote the book upon which it was published and inspired!!!!!!

    The murders and malfeasance that was allowed to go on “unchecked” and unnamed for HOW LONG????!!!! I wonder what the outcome of this court case was. I’d dearly love to know. I would love to acquire a copy of the book. I was living in Columbus at the time of filming and we {friends and myself} went to watch. It was a real joy!!!!! It was also very frightening!!!!!! What a great flick, one of Redford’s finest!!!!!!


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