The World’s Best Cup of Coffee!

Many, many moons ago (must’ve been late 2013/early 2014), I spent countless hours trying to track down one of the most memorable locations from Will Ferrell’s Christmas cult classic Elf — the coffee shop, labelled in the film as the “World’s Best Cup of Coffee”.

So I had a first hint. An address number. Starting with that, I scanned almost every single street in New York City, where the entire film (or so it seemed at the time) was shot and came up empty handed.

A second hint I’d noticed: a storefront going along the lines of ‘*unknown* DRUGS’ in the reflection of a window in that sequence, so a store standing on the other side of the street.

Still nothing.

It’s only recently, in July of 2021 that a visitor pointed me in the right direction: Though it is still unknown if it was a real coffee shop, the featured location wasn’t anywhere near Manhattan. It was on the other side of the continent, in another country. The neverending mystery was solved. I traveled back in time as far as I could via Google Street View on Hastings St. in Vancouver, Canada — in 2012. And sure enough, I could spot KNOWLTONS DRUGS’s storefront on the other side of the street properly this time!

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